Could the Cigarette Ban in England Take Bingo Enthusiasts On to the Internet?


Posted by Jace | Posted in Bingo | Posted on 28-01-2021

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An abundance has been stated in the press recently regarding the bingo industry being hurt as a consequence of the smoking ban in the UK. Conditions have grown so poor that in Scotland the Bingo industry has requested massive aid to assist in keeping the industry from going bankrupt. However can the online adaptation of this traditional game present a salvation, or will it in no way compare to its bricks and mortar relative?

Bingo is an established game normally enjoyed by the "blue rinse" generation. In any case the game recently had seen a recent increase in popularity with younger people deciding to hit the bingo parlors in place of the clubs on a weekend. This is all about to change with the enforcement of the anti smoking law throughout Britain.

Players will no longer be able to puff on cigarettes whilst marking off their numbers. Starting in the summer of ‘07 all public places will no longer be permitted to allow cigarettes in their venues and this includes Bingo parlours, which are possibly the most favorite locations where many people enjoy smoking.

The results of the cigarette ban can already be felt in Scotland where smoking is already forbidden in the bingo parlours. Numbers have plunged and the industry is beyond a doubt struggling for to stay alive. But where have all the players gone? Obviously they have not forgotten this enduring game?

The answer is on the net. People know that they can wager on bingo in front of their computer while enjoying a beer and fag and still enjoy huge prizes. This is a recent development and has timed itself just about perfectly with the ban on cigarettes.

Of course betting on online could never replace the collective aspect of heading over to the bingo parlor, but for a group of people the rules have left many bingo enthusiasts with no alternative.

Dangers of Stress While Participating in Bingo


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There are a number of reasons why individuals begin betting on UK bingo, e.g., for money, for friendship, for adrenaline rushes, or simply to have a good time. Peaks and pitfalls, thrill and kills, you name it – internet bingo offers all these and many more. Just as in any other gambling game where risks are high, this heightened exhilaration has its own genuine share of positive and detrimental impact on the players.

Bingo- The Stress Magnet

The anticipation involved in a night of bingo can drive an individual to the opposite side of the spectrum. Becoming too engrossed in the match, one’s anticipation level might change; this could have an adverse effect on those who have high blood pressure or heart issues. According to some studies, individuals who compete in bingo are subject to get easily worked up and consequently have elevated stress levels. It has been discerned that job related anxiety is much lower than the stress generated while playing bingo. There have been several instances of individuals having been fired their jobs because of bingo-related stress impacting their proficiency at work.

Despite the aforementioned risks, bingo is able to still be an enjoyable anxiety-reliever if players accept that it is only a game, guard their well-being and control their actions.

The Wonderful World of Web Bingo!


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What a landscape it is. The Internet is fast becoming the destination where Bingo people head to enjoy a round or two. No driving required in a gale, or in 40 below zero weather. No more waiting for a bus or taking a taxi. Bingo players are turning to web bingo as a more relaxed way to gamble on bingo – in their own abode. This new trend of gambling on bingo on the web has as a consequence fostered internet talking, or cyber chat, and has permitted web bingo gamblers to make new friends, a few of who become life-long friends and even, in the abnormal case, partners in life.

So, how can someone come upon online bingo? it’s a breeze. The best search tool on the web today is Google. allows you to enter in a single word or phrase, and within an instant the web is checked for information, games, and literally anything you are likely to envision. Plugging the single word "Bingo" into the search engine will discover you net bingo in an instant. After you have discovered a location to bet on bingo, you can begin wagering on all types of games – not only bingo, but online slots, net poker, and many other sorts of enjoyment.

Folks are beginning to catch on. Internet Bingo is just one of the most dominant games out there, and the largest Bingo halls have built abodes for players captivated by having enjoyment and being with friends for a while. Regardless if you like gratis games, or cash games, it is assured you can find an element to catch your affection.

Web bingo halls are host to millions and millions of people – extremely loyal players who continue to return again and again to gamble on gratuitous games and spend time with friends in the chat rooms. There’s continuously someone friendly to speak with, and there’s nothing greater than hitting a cash prize on the cash bingo games and having every player in the cyber room celebrate your success, or placing in a competition in the slots or poker rooms. Internet Bingo is definitely an opportunity to play against some of the nicest folks on the Internet right now.