Could the Smoking Ban in England Take Bingo Enthusiasts Online?


Posted by Jace | Posted in Bingo | Posted on 25-03-2019

An abundance has been written in the papers just a while ago concerning the bingo industry struggling because of the anti smoking law in the UK. Conditions have grown so awful that in Scotland the Bingo industry has demanded big tax breaks to help keep the industry alive. However will the net version of this classic game offer a salvation, or might it in no way compare to its real life relative?

Bingo is an age old game historically enjoyed by the "blue rinse" generation. Although the game of late had seen a recent increase in appeal with younger people opting to go to the bingo halls rather than the bars on a Friday night. All this is about to be reversed with the legislating of the smoking ban all over UK.

No longer will players be permitted to smoke at the same time dabbing numbers. Starting in the summer of ‘07 all public areas will not be allowed to permit cigarettes in their buildings and this includes Bingo halls, which are possibly the most common locations where people enjoy smoking.

The effects of the smoking ban can already be looked at in Scotland where cigarettes are already prohibited in the bingo halls. Players have plummeted and the business is absolutely fighting for its life. But where did the players go? Of course they have not forgotten this familiar game?

The answer is on the net. People realize that they can enjoy bingo using their computer whilst enjoying a cocktail and cigarette and still enjoy monstrous prizes. This is a recent phenomenon and has happened bordering on perfect with the anti cigarette law.

Of course betting on on the internet is unlikely to replace the social part of going over to the bingo parlour, but for a group of men and women the law has left a lot of bingo players with little option.

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