Could the Anti Smoking Law in England Take Bingo Enthusiasts On to the Web?


Posted by Jace | Posted in Bingo | Posted on 17-11-2021

Much has been reported in the press just a while ago regarding the bingo industry being hit as a result of the anti cigarette law in Britain. Things have become so awful that in Scotland the Bingo industry has asked for huge aid to help keep the industry from going bankrupt. However can the online adaptation of this classic game provide a escape, or might it never compare to its bricks and mortar kin?

Bingo is an classic game normally enjoyed by the "blue haired" generation. For all that the game lately had experienced a recent return in popularity with younger people opting to visit the bingo parlours in place of the bars on a Friday night. All this is about to be destroyed with the legislating of the smoking ban across Britain.

Players will no longer be permitted to smoke at the same time marking numbers. Beginning in the summer of ‘07 all public areas will not be permitted to allow cigarettes in their venues and this includes Bingo halls, which are possibly the most popular places where players enjoy smoking.

The outcome of the cigarette ban can already be looked at in Scotland where cigarettes are already prohibited in the bingo halls. Numbers have plummeted and the industry is absolutely fighting for to stay alive. But where did all the players go? Obviously they have not forgotten this enduring game?

The answer is on the web. Gamblers know that they can wager on bingo using their computer while enjoying a cocktail and fag and still enjoy big jackpots. This is a recent phenomenon and has happened bordering on perfect with the ban on cigarettes.

Of course wagering on on the internet is unlikely to replace the communal aspect of going over to the bingo parlor, but for a demographic of people the rules have left a number of bingo enthusiasts with no choice.

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